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Wax Liquidizer review aims at helping you in understanding the functions of this product. You may be thinking that it is just another product but before making a decision, you have to learn about the functions and benefits of it. You may not know that in fact it can do much more than what you think. Reading this review will help you learn more. So read on to get to know more about a great product.

wax liquidizer kit

A good wax liquidizer review will tell you that this is a high quality equipment which makes it worth your money. It is very useful for those who love to make candles. It comes with several different flavors. It helps to thicken it quickly. It even turns the wax into e-liquid.

It also contains the original flavor. This is one of the best wax liquidizer reviews that you will find. It comes in two different sizes. You can get the one gram and half gram pre-filled or you can purchase a small container with a one gram and a half gram of concentrated e-juice. There are no refunds on the pre-filled ones.

The smallest of the two sizes is the half gram or filled. It has two ounces, which is a decent amount. It is very easy to use because the plastic tube is very thin. The one ounce and half ounces of the wax liquidizer that have the concentrated e-juice and concentrated wax comes in plastic tubes.

The smallest of the two sizes is the one gram and half gram or filled. It does not have the e juice and wax but it does have the flavor. The problem is you have to take more than one to two pints of it to get the flavor you are looking for. The concentrated flavor comes from the juice and not from the wax in the bottles.

They also come in smaller packages than the half and one gram pre-filled ones. Most people will buy the smaller packages because they are cheaper. If you want to make the best of liquid then you need to get the larger sizes of the two different kinds of wax liquidizer that are available. They are called the pre-filled and the refill kits. You should always buy the larger sizes of the two kinds, so you have plenty of room to vaporize.

The two different flavors of e-juices come in different flavors as well as different textures. Some people enjoy a smoother consistency than others, while some people want their e-liquid to be brittle so it can be stirred. When you choose a flavor or texture, it is important that you try a few different ones before you settle on just one. You might even find that you enjoy mixing your own wax liquidizer with other devices such as electric pen and Dripper, microwave, or even a blender.

When you compare this product to some of the other options that are out there you should see that the price is very reasonable. There are only a few different flavors that come in the kit and you can mix your own with a few easy to use recipes. You can get the small sized bottles to use in your personal vaporizer which are great if you want to start out on the less expensive path to enjoying vapors. You will notice after you get more comfortable with the way that these work and you start mixing your own that you will want to upgrade to the larger more expensive sizes of both kinds of wax liquidizer. The price you will pay for upgrading will be minimal and the benefits will be immense to you and your family.

Game Cheats for PC That Can Help You Succeed

PC game cheats exist in abundance. However, with thousands of them scattered across the internet, you can find it quite tricky to spot the good from the bad. If you want to get the best, read ahead for our discussion on the different types of game cheats for PC. It will give you a brief rundown of cheat codes that work well for a specific game. However, it is always best to test them out on a virtual console or even an arcade machine before actually using them in a live game. Here are the main categories of cheats for the PC. game cheats for pc

Level Unlocking Cheats One of the easiest game cheats for pc strategies is to gain access to areas where you have previously not visited. To enable, enter into the given code when you are in the game and/or restart the game. This will unlock additional areas where you can complete quests. In doing so, all previous points will also be updated and thus making leveling up faster.

Performing background checks When playing a game, some players like to take advantage of some of the game cheat codes that enable them to do quick background checks. For example, if you are having trouble with a specific vendor, entering the code will tell you if you are dealing with fraud. This way, you can shop at reputable vendors without worrying about paying real money for items you don’t have. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t tell you which cheats for PC to use in this situation.

Cashing in While playing games on the Internet is fun, it can also get you some unexpected profits. The best way to cash in on your in-game cheats for PC is to visit online gambling sites. By visiting these gambling websites, you are able to access a wide range of games that can help you win money. However, as you play on the Internet, you are more susceptible to hacking, malware and other types of spy programs that can hack your personal information and bank accounts.

Equipments Items in World of Warcraft, or WoW for short, include items that are required to progress through the game, and thus having them involves a bit of work. In order to have an easier time getting these, consider looking for in-game cheats for pc that will allow you to equip certain items. Common cheats for pc that you may use include changing the gender of your character, allowing you to change classes, allowing you to buy rare or exotic items and much more.

Other cheats for game that you can use to optimize game play include ones that give you the edge in game. One particular cheat that you can use is one that allows you to dodge attacks that occur during game play, and move at a faster pace. This is useful when you want to make sure that you don’t get hit by an enemy, or want to get ahead in a game that is playing out for you.

Other game cheats for pc that you may want to look into include getting game cheats for pc that will unlock certain things in game for you. For example, in wow, you can unlock certain items, skills or talents. These include items that will boost your attack speed, provide you with a small bonus or increase the defense power of your character. There are other in game cheats that you can use to get through a game quicker. These include ones that give you extra inventory space, allow you to fast travel, allow you to change your class and much more. When looking for game cheats for pc that will help you succeed in game, be sure to look for things that will let you have an advantage over others.

One type of cheat that you should be aware of is the in-game cheats that will give you a few extra points in a game for free. This is something that will happen with some cheat code programs, which will help you to be able to reach a certain amount of money in-game. Be careful of where you download these codes from, because there are some programs that will come with a virus that could harm your computer if you open it. If you need a cheat that will work on all platforms, then look for a program that works on all of them. This will ensure that you always have the right cheat for the job.

PDF ohne Passwort sofort speichern – 2 DIY-Tricks

Waren Sie schon einmal frustriert, weil Sie immer wieder das Passwort eingeben mussten, um eine passwortgeschützte PDF-Datei zu öffnen? Wenn ja! Dann sind Sie hier genau richtig, denn dieses Tutorial widmet sich ganz der Frage, wie man PDF-Dateien ohne Passwort speichern kann.

Wie wir wissen, ist PDF ein weit verbreitetes Dateiformat zum Austausch von Daten. Aufgrund der Einfachheit der gemeinsamen Nutzung von Daten treten viele böswillige Aktivitäten auf, wie z. B. die Verletzung von Informationen, die Änderung von PDF-Dateien usw. Daher, um die Daten zu sichern Benutzer das Passwort in PDF gesetzt, aber manchmal ist es so schrecklich Situation, um das Passwort wieder und wieder eingeben, um es zu öffnen.

Bleiben Sie also bei uns und lernen Sie einen effektiven Weg, um die Passwortsicherheit von Adobe PDF-Dokumenten zu entfernen.

Methode zum Speichern gesicherter PDF-Dateien ohne Passwort – manuell

Jeder Benutzer wünscht sich eine kostenlose Methode, die sein Problem löst. Daher gibt es eine manuelle Methode, um PDF ohne Passwort zu speichern, die das Passwort aus PDF-Dokumenten entfernen kann:

Mit Hilfe von Google Chrome können Sie Adobe PDF-Dateien, die ein Kennwort enthalten, einfach entsperren. Befolgen Sie einfach die unten aufgeführten Schritte:

Schritt 1: Wählen Sie zunächst die passwortgeschützte Datei aus, die Sie ohne Passwort speichern möchten, und klicken Sie dann mit der rechten Maustaste und wählen Sie Öffnen mit >> Google Chrome.

Schritt 2: Google Chrome wird Sie auffordern, das Passwort der Datei einzugeben. Geben Sie nun das Passwort ein und drücken Sie die Eingabetaste, um die Datei zu öffnen.

Schritt 3: Nachdem die Datei erfolgreich geöffnet wurde, wählen Sie im Menü „Datei“ die Option „Drucken“ oder drücken Sie Strg+P unter Windows bzw. Cmd +P auf dem Mac. Wählen Sie das Ziel „Als PDF speichern“ und klicken Sie auf die Schaltfläche Speichern.

Nachteile der manuellen Methode
Die oben beschriebene manuelle Methode ist nützlich, wenn ein Benutzer mit wenigen (10 oder 20) passwortgeschützten Dateien arbeitet. Aber um eine große Menge passwortgeschützter PDF-Dateien ohne Passwort zu speichern, ist es ein sehr zeitaufwändiger und langwieriger Prozess.

Es gibt noch einen weiteren Nachteil der manuellen Methode, wenn die PDF-Datei mit dem Schutz des Eigentümers geschützt ist und sie Druckeinschränkungen hat. In einem solchen Fall funktioniert die manuelle Methode nicht.

Einige Benutzer bevorzugen auch die Verwendung von Online-Anwendungen, die ihnen helfen können, PDF-Dateien ohne Kennwort zu löschen und zu speichern. Aber die Online-Lösung ist nicht der beste Weg. Denn um den Passwortschutz von Adobe PDF-Dokumenten zu entfernen, müssen Sie Ihr wichtiges Dokument auf den Server hochladen, was keine gute Option ist, da Sie Ihre vertraulichen Daten mit anderen teilen.

Wie man PDF ohne Passwort auf professionelle Weise speichert

Um ein passwortgeschütztes PDF-Dokument ohne Passwort zu speichern, ist es sehr empfehlenswert, ein fortschrittliches und zuverlässiges Tool zu verwenden. So dass es das Passwort aus PDF-Dokument ohne Einschränkungen zu entfernen.

Unlock PDF Tool ist die am meisten verwendete Software von den Profis. Denn dieses Tool entfernt PDF-Beschränkungen wie Drucken, Kopieren, Bearbeiten und Seiten-Extraktion für Windows und Mac OS.

Mit diesem Werkzeug können Sie Unterschriftsbeschränkungen aus PDF-Dateien entfernen und das Ausfüllen von Formularen in PDF-Dateien ermöglichen. Außerdem entfernt es auch Kommentar-Einschränkungen. Es ist auch in der Lage, die Datei-Integrität zu erhalten, was bedeutet, dass die Software keine Änderungen an der ursprünglichen Formatierung der PDF-Datei vornehmen wird.

Um PDF ohne Passwort zu speichern, bietet diese Software die Möglichkeit, einen beliebigen Speicherort zum Speichern der resultierenden Datei zu wählen.

Diese Software ist auch für Mac OS verfügbar und verfügt über einige fortschrittliche Funktionen, wie z.B. die Möglichkeit, Verschlüsselungen wie AES & RC4 128 und 192 Bit aus PDF-Dateien zu entschlüsseln. Außerdem benötigt es kein Adobe Acrobat, um die Datei für den Speicherprozess zu entsperren.

So funktioniert die Software zum Entfernen und Speichern von PDF-Dateien ohne Passwort unter Windows

Schritt 1: Laden Sie die Software herunter und starten Sie sie.

Schritt 2: Klicken Sie nun auf PDF entsperren und dann auf die Schaltfläche Durchsuchen, um die PDF-Datei auszuwählen.

Schritt 3: Nachdem Sie die PDF-Datei ausgewählt haben, klicken Sie auf die Schaltfläche Öffnen.

Schritt 4: Zeigen Sie nun den Status der Berechtigungen an und wählen Sie den Zielspeicherort aus.

Schritt 5: Geben Sie nun das Passwort ein und klicken Sie auf die Schaltfläche OK, um die geschützte PDF-Datei ohne Passwort zu speichern.



Wie bereits erwähnt, gibt es viele Benutzer, die den Passwortschutz von Adobe PDF-Dokumenten aufheben möchten. Um zu vermeiden, dass man das Passwort beim Öffnen der PDF-Datei eingeben muss, ist es besser, PDF ohne Passwort zu speichern. Deshalb haben wir in diesem Blog zwei Methoden für Windows und Mac OS besprochen, mit denen man passwortgeschützte PDF-Dateien ohne Passwort speichern kann.

Wie Sie kostenlos von Windows 7 auf Windows 10 aktualisieren

Ja, Sie können immer noch das kostenlose Upgrade von Microsoft erhalten

Microsofts kostenloses Upgrade-Angebot für Nutzer von Windows 7 und Windows 8.1 endete vor einigen Jahren, aber Sie können technisch gesehen immer noch kostenlos auf Windows 10 upgraden. Während Microsoft die speziellen Upgrade-Angebots-Websites entfernt hat, aktiviert das Unternehmen weiterhin Windows 10-Lizenzen für Personen, die von Windows 7 oder Windows 8.1 upgraden.

Ed Bott von ZDNet hat diese Methode seit Jahren getestet, und das kostenlose Upgrade funktioniert immer noch. Ein Upgrade von Windows 7 ist für jeden ganz einfach, zumal der Support für das Betriebssystem heute endet. Vorausgesetzt, Ihr PC erfüllt die Mindestanforderungen für Windows 10, können Sie das Upgrade von der Microsoft-Website aus durchführen.

Das Wichtigste dabei ist, dass beim Upgrade von Windows 7 auf Windows 10 Ihre Einstellungen und Anwendungen gelöscht werden können. Es besteht die Möglichkeit, Ihre Dateien und persönlichen Daten beizubehalten, aber aufgrund der Unterschiede zwischen Windows 10 und Windows 7 ist es nicht immer möglich, alle Ihre vorhandenen Apps beizubehalten. Vergewissern Sie sich, dass Sie sich notiert haben, welche Apps Sie regelmäßig verwenden, damit Sie sie durch erneutes Herunterladen der Installationsprogramme leicht wiederherstellen können. Auch Windows 8.1 kann auf die gleiche Weise aktualisiert werden, ohne dass Sie Ihre Apps und Einstellungen löschen müssen.

Hier erfahren Sie, wie Sie ein Upgrade von Windows 7 auf Windows 10 durchführen können

Sichern Sie alle Ihre wichtigen Dokumente, Anwendungen und Daten
Rufen Sie die Windows 10-Downloadseite von Microsoft auf.
Wählen Sie im Abschnitt Windows 10-Installationsmedien erstellen“ die Option Tool jetzt herunterladen“, und führen Sie die Anwendung aus.
Wenn Sie dazu aufgefordert werden, wählen Sie „Diesen PC jetzt aktualisieren“.

Sie werden dann gefragt, ob Sie Ihre persönlichen Dateien beibehalten oder neu starten möchten. Denken Sie daran: Wenn Sie neu beginnen oder Ihre Dateien beibehalten, werden alle Anwendungen und Einstellungen für das Windows 10-Upgrade gelöscht.
Sobald das Upgrade abgeschlossen ist, sollten Sie eine digitale Lizenz für Windows 10 erhalten, die Sie unter Einstellungen > Update & Sicherheit > Aktivierung finden.

Amerika’s vijfde grootste bankinstelling US Bank gaat bewaring van cryptocurrency’s aanbieden

Op 27 april onthulde de Amerikaanse bankholding U.S. Bank in een blogpost dat de financiële instelling van plan is om cryptocurrency custody-diensten aan te bieden. De chief strategy officer van de bank voor U.S. Bank Global Fund Services, Christine Waldron, zegt trots te zijn op de stappen van haar bedrijf in de richting van blockchain- en cryptocurrency-praktijken.

US Bank gaat cryptocurrency-diensten aanbieden in afwachting van goedkeuring voor naleving

In de eerste week van januari 2021 onthulde The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) dat nationale banken en spaarverenigingen in de VS konden omgaan met stablecoins en publieke blockchains. Na die aankondiging maakte de oudste bank van Amerika, Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon), half februari bekend dat het een eenheid voor digitale valuta heeft opgericht. Op dinsdag publiceerde de op vier na grootste bankinstelling van het land, U.S. Bank, een blogpost met details over nieuwe cryptocurrency-aanbiedingen.

Hoewel, de blog post onthult niet wanneer de bank deze producten zal inzetten, maar de bank noemde drie soorten diensten. De bank zal een „nieuw cryptocurrency custody product voor klanten aanbieden met de inschakeling van een sub-custodian voor fund servicing.“ Op dit moment is het bedrijf bezig met het afronden van de regeling voor een sub-custodian. U.S. Bank zegt verder dat het bedrijf ook werkt aan strategische relaties.

„We hebben onlangs onze investering in Securrency aangekondigd – een ontwikkelaar van institutionele-grade blockchain-gebaseerde financiële en regelgevende technologie,“ aldus de bank. U.S. Bank zal ook gaan samenwerken met het exchange-traded fund van NYDIG. „U.S. Bank is geselecteerd om dit jaar NYDIG’s ETF bitcoinfonds te beheren, in afwachting van goedkeuring door de regelgevende instanties. Het breidt uit op de al lang bestaande private fonds servicing-relatie van de bank met NYDIG,“ merkt de aankondiging op.

‚Innovatie stimuleren in onze Blockchain- en Cryptocurrency-praktijk‘

Christine Waldron van U.S. Bank legt uit dat ze trots is op haar financiële instelling vanwege de vooruitstrevende praktijken. „Ik ben trots op hoe we vanuit alle gebieden van het bankwezen samenkwamen en onze beste denkwijzen over onze digitale capaciteiten, productontwikkeling en technologie naar voren brachten om innovatie te stimuleren in onze blockchain- en cryptocurrency-praktijk,“ detailleerde Waldron.

„We zijn al jaren actief in deze ruimte – ervoor zorgend dat we altijd het best gesitueerd zijn om onze institutionele klanten te bedienen – en deze nieuwste initiatieven tonen onze voortdurende betrokkenheid en enthousiasme om deze markt te laten groeien,“ concludeerde de chief strategy officer voor U.S. Bank Global Fund Services.

As moedas Algorithmic stablecoins não são realmente estáveis

As moedas Algorithmic stablecoins não são realmente estáveis, mas o conceito pode se redimir?

Em meio a muita fanfarra, muitas moedas estáveis algorítmicas não têm sido estáveis. O problema é intratável, ou são apenas os algoritmos que não são suficientemente bons?

Em meio ao crescimento meteórico das finanças descentralizadas em 2020, houve um interesse persistente em uma classe de moedas popularmente chamadas de „moedas estáveis algorítmicas“. Algumas das mais famosas incluem Ampleforth (AMPL), Based, Empty Set Dollar (ESD) e Dynamic Set Dollar (DSD).

Embora estas fichas sejam comumente consideradas moedas estáveis algorítmicas, as equipes envolvidas têm suas próprias definições. Para MakerDAO, uma moeda estável Bitcoin Bank algorítmica é aquela que utiliza manipulações totais de fornecimento para manter um pino. Os fundadores do Empty Set Dollar e do Neutrino, um projeto de moedas estáveis apoiado pela Waves, acreditam que o Dai também é uma moeda estável algorítmica devido a sua mecânica programática de queima de menta e queima. A equipe da Ampleforth, por outro lado, rejeita a noção de que seu símbolo é uma moeda estável.

É relativamente claro que os ativos que se enquadram na definição da MakerDAO mostram pouca estabilidade. Por exemplo, a ESD é a maior e a menor de todos os tempos, de acordo com a CoinGecko, respectivamente $23,88 e $0,174. A leitura da Ampleforth mostra uma alta de $4,07 e uma baixa de $0,1558. Por outro lado, a faixa de negociação da Dai durante toda a vida foi entre $0,90 e $1,22.

Além da instabilidade do preço nominal, as táticas de manipulação de fornecimento utilizadas por estas fichas complicam ainda mais o processo de atribuição de um valor. Os mecanismos podem ser agrupados em duas categorias principais: rebaseamento de moedas e cunhagem e queima com base em cupom.

As rebases seguram a cavilha, mas a que custo?

O sistema de rebase, utilizado por moedas como Ampleforth e Based, é construído em expansões e contrações periódicas de todo o fornecimento. Se a moeda for negociada acima de uma determinada faixa, cerca de $1,05 para Ampleforth, a oferta é expandida a uma taxa de um décimo do desvio do preço. Isto significa que se a moeda for negociada por US$1,50, então 5% do fornecimento total será adicionado a cada dia.

O mecanismo não se importa com o histórico de rebases até esse ponto – se já tiver rebaseado 10 vezes antes, ele adicionará 5% da oferta atual de qualquer forma. O processo é revertido quando a moeda é negociada abaixo de US$ 1.

O resultado é que a oferta da ficha pode crescer e encolher a um ritmo espantoso, colocando uma pressão imensa sobre o preço nominal. Esta mudança na oferta é distribuída uniformemente entre todas as carteiras contendo a ficha, o que significa que o valor total da carteira de um usuário não muda se o preço mudar exatamente pela porcentagem de novas fichas cunhadas.

Na prática, o mecanismo é bastante bem sucedido em manter o preço em torno da marca de $1. O crescimento exponencial ou a redução da oferta acaba superando qualquer empurrão fora do preço designado. Mas o fato de cada carteira seguir a rebase significa que o preço nominal é apenas uma pequena parte do quadro.

Para avaliar se a moeda é realmente „estável“, é necessário levar em consideração também as mudanças na oferta, pois cada carteira é afetada por elas. Ao analisar a capitalização total do mercado para considerar tanto a oferta quanto o preço, torna-se claro que a AMPL é extremamente volátil.

Will Bitcoin succeed in a new rally to an all-time high? What analysts expect from BTC now

Bitcoin has seen relatively lackluster price action in the past few days and weeks, with crypto price unable to rise towards its $ 40k resistance.

Its smaller counterparts all saw massive momentum, such as ETH, while many smaller altcoins also rose

BTC’s lack of intense uptrend is due to the intense selling pressure it faces in the upper $ 30,000 region, with selling pressure from big whales and investors holding back growth.

Where the cryptocurrency goes in the medium term will undoubtedly depend on the ongoing response to its overhead resistance.

One analyst believes there is a strong possibility that BTC will break these levels in the near future, which could lead to new all-time highs.

Bitcoin and the entire crypto market are currently experiencing mixed performance . As BTC falters and struggles to overcome its resistance in the upper $ 30,000 region, Ethereum and many altcoins are seeing explosive spikes.

This has led to the fact that it is somewhat unclear what the near-term fate of BTC is.

One analyst comments that the benchmark cryptocurrency is on the verge of new all-time highs – but that BTC has to break a critical resistance level first.

Bitcoin struggles for momentum as resistance is strong

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $ 34,850. This marks a massive rebound from the recent lows of $ 30,000 made last week.

The cryptocurrency has formed a wide trading range between these lows and its highs of around $ 40,000.

As long as BTC doesn’t break above the highs of the range at $ 40,000, relative consolidation could continue.

Analyst: BTC could be on the cusp of new highs

An analyst now writes in a tweet that a close above an important Fibonacci level could allow Bitcoin to rise to new highs.

BTC is pushing against this level; however, a rejection could lead him towards the sub-$ 30,000 region. The analyst with reference to the chart below:

“Close above .618 – target all-time highs. Closing below the middle and gray zone 34k then most likely the annual level retest at 28-29 „

Ethereum (ETH) now processes 28% higher transaction volume than Bitcoin (BTC)

This is the “bullish” indicator of the day. The Ethereum (ETH) network now processes a much higher volume of transactions than Bitcoin (BTC). What to see a significant increase in the price arrive, according to the analysis firm Messari …

Ethereum network transactions far exceed Bitcoin transactions

Messari analyst Ryan Watkins shared this information on Twitter. It shows that the gap between the volume of s transactions with Ethereum and those performed with Bitcoin:

„The volume of s daily transactions on Ethereum is trying to follow a parabolic curve. The network currently settles $ 12 billion in transactions every day , which is 3 billion more than Bitcoin. How can you not be bullish on ETH? “

As the graph notes, the data does not include ERC-20s, which shows that the total transactions that go through the Ethereum network are actually even higher than that. It should be noted, however, that on the capitalization side, it is Bitcoin which still largely wins, with $ 681 billion against $ 152 billion for Ether.

The price of Ether (ETH) at the start of a new explosion?

In any case, the cryptosphere expects Ether to surpass its all-time high , at $ 1,448, soon. Unlike Bitcoin, which shattered all records and briefly surpassed $ 40,000, Ethereum network assets have yet to hit their “ATH”. This is however the case with other less capitalized altcoins, such as Polkadot’s DOT or Chainlink’s LINK .

Last night, the price of ETH jumped + 11% , and is now back to levels comparable to those at the start of the month, erasing its correction suffered at the beginning of last week:

What to join the list of altcoins which recently exceeded their record level? Yes, according to Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance:

“ETH is about to join the new ATH club . “

La tecnologia blockchain può rendere affidabile

La tecnologia blockchain può rendere affidabile il voto online?

Blockchain potrebbe eventualmente aiutare a verificare la registrazione degli elettori e i risultati delle verifiche.

Le elezioni presidenziali degli Stati Uniti del 3 novembre sono state controverse all’inizio, ma le accuse infondate e imprecise di brogli elettorali da parte del presidente Trump, sconfitto, hanno gettato un’ombra su tutta la procedura. Daniel Hardman, architetto capo e responsabile della sicurezza delle informazioni presso la soluzione di identità sovrano Evernym, pensa Bitcoin Compass che la catena di blocco potrebbe aiutare il voto in generale ad andare avanti.

„Fondamentalmente, blockchain può fornire un modo per far sì che gli elettori siano registrati in modo affidabile e sicuro per votare, e poi quando i voti sono espressi, blockchain può essere un meccanismo per dimostrare che qualcuno ha il diritto di voto, sulla base della loro precedente registrazione“, ha detto Hardman al Cointelegraph. „Blockchain può fornire alcune caratteristiche che aiuterebbero a controllare un voto in un’elezione“, ha aggiunto.

I repubblicani hanno esitato ad accettare una vittoria di Biden, nonostante il collegio elettorale abbia verificato i risultati all’inizio di dicembre. Le motivazioni spaziavano dalle accuse di macchine per il voto difettose o manipolate alle accuse di schede elettorali falsificate che apparivano in massa nei siti di voto critici. Nessuna di queste accuse, tuttavia, è stata sollevata in tribunale.

„Le cose recenti che abbiamo visto con le sfide elettorali in Pennsylvania e Arizona e così via – ci sono alcune caratteristiche della catena di blocco che avrebbero reso possibile un auditing più robusto“, ha detto Hardman. „Fondamentalmente saresti stato in grado di mettere a tacere qualsiasi preoccupazione riguardo a manomissioni e cose del genere“.

Con le blockchain pubbliche, come la Bitcoin (BTC) per esempio, ogni transazione viene registrata su un registro pubblico immutabile, rendendo le verifiche più infallibili e trasparenti rispetto ai processi centralizzati o cartacei. Applicando tale tecnologia al voto si potrebbero ottenere risultati simili per le votazioni.

Anche se il modello appare trasparente e immutabile, come potrebbero le autorità sapere se i voti provengono da cittadini che hanno votato una sola volta? „Quello che si vuole è quella che si chiama verifica end-to-end“, ha spiegato Hardman. „Da un lato, la parte anteriore è la parte di registrazione“, ha detto, aggiungendo:

„Devi sapere che una persona può registrarsi una sola volta e questo significa che quando qualcuno viene a registrarsi fai le cose che faresti oggi in un meccanismo di elezione fisica, cioè – controlli la patente di guida, vedi se la sua foto corrisponde, la sua firma corrisponde, tutto questo genere di cose“.

Poi, sotto il cofano, la tecnologia assicura ad ogni persona un solo voto. „Sul retro, si dimostra che, per ogni registrazione, si può esprimere esattamente un voto“, ha detto Hardman.

Un argomento molto complesso che richiede soluzioni diverse basate su diversi fattori di minaccia, un sistema di voto a catena di blocco potrebbe includere componenti specifici per la prevenzione delle frodi degli elettori e del malware, come l’identificazione degli elettori basata sulla biometria. „Se si sa che John Smith del 123 di Main Street in Pennsylvania ha una particolare impronta digitale, allora è piuttosto difficile che qualcun altro voti a suo favore“, ha spiegato Hardman.

Detto questo, cosa impedisce ai governi e alle aziende di trarre vantaggio da tali informazioni personali per il tracciamento e altri usi?

Hardman ha spiegato che la Cina e le sue misure di prevenzione COVID sono un esempio di violazione della privacy. Il Paese ha monitorato le temperature delle sue popolazioni, in base alla loro identità e alla loro posizione, ha spiegato.

„In caso di elezioni, quello che vorresti è separare queste due domande“, ha detto Hardman. „La domanda – è il partito che sta cercando di esprimere un voto autorizzato a farlo perché è stato precedentemente registrato nel sistema – è una domanda“, ha osservato. La domanda „chi è questa persona“ è una domanda diversa“, ha spiegato, aggiungendo:

„Ci sono parti di un’elezione in cui potresti voler fare entrambe le domande, ma ci sono altre parti in cui non c’è bisogno di farle entrambe, e se le separi, allora puoi impedire al governo di farlo – di avere una sorta di apocalittico stato di sorveglianza che sappia quale voto hai espresso e quando l’hai espresso e cose del genere“.

Una chiave del problema? Una tecnologia a catena di blocco chiamata „a prova di zero conoscenze“, secondo Hardman. Le prove a conoscenza zero verificano essenzialmente l’identità di una persona senza rivelare i suoi dati privati. „Chiedi a qualcuno al momento della registrazione di identificare con forza, sai, chi è, dove vive e così via, ma nel momento in cui esprime il suo voto, quello che gli chiedi è di dimostrare che ha il privilegio di esprimere il voto senza rivelare chi è“, ha spiegato Hardman. „Chiedete loro di dimostrare che il loro voto non è già stato tracciato nel sistema […] che garantisce che non si può votare due volte“.

Negli ultimi anni, la blockchain ha guadagnato popolarità per la sua utilità in una serie di processi mainstream, come le attività della supply chain.

Bitcoin vooraan en centraal in het rapport Coin Metrics 2020

2020 is een productief jaar geweest voor Bitcoin en dat hangt samen met een enorme toename van het aantal actieve portemonnee-adressen dit jaar.

De inzichten kwamen van cryptocurrency-analyse Coin Metrics ‚ State of the Network-rapport dat de belangrijkste afhaalrestaurants uit de ruimte in 2020 schetste

Hoewel Covid-19 economieën over de hele wereld heeft verlamd, heeft de cryptocurrency-ruimte een periode van grote heropleving beleefd.

Niets meer dan Bitcoin, dat uit zijn ketenen is gebroken om in 2020 nieuwe recordhoogtes neer te zetten.

‚Terugkeer van Bitcoin‘

Het grootste deel van het artikel is gecentreerd rond het comeback-jaar van Bitcoin en de invloed van institutionele investeringen die uiteindelijk op een zinvolle manier de cryptocurrency-ruimte betreden.

In het artikel werd melding gemaakt van aanzienlijke investeringen door onder meer MicroStrategy, Square, MassMutual en andere reguliere financiële instellingen en investeerders die de waardestijging van Bitcoin veroorzaakten.

Een belangrijke maatstaf die door Coin Metrics-onderzoeker Nate Maddrey werd geïdentificeerd, was het aantal actieve Bitcoin-adressen – dat met 100 procent is gestegen van ongeveer 600.000 actieve adressen naar 1,2 miljoen.

Maddrey merkte ook op dat de halvering van de mijnbouwbeloning van Bitcoin in 2020 een toevallige timing heeft met aanhoudende fiscale stimuleringsmaatregelen van de Amerikaanse overheid.